Preserving The Integrity of The Filmmakers’ Vision

CSFinstall.jpgFilmmakers have a right to expect their films to be projected as impeccably as they were shot. All Hill Top Revisors are professional film handlers and inspectors with many years experience.

In our revision process, print problems can be detected before screening and corrected.

If there is a lab problem, the filmmaker can be advised so a decision can be reached as to which direction we should take to ensure a problem free screening.

A report is made out for every title, film or video, and stays with that title during the whole time it is in the festivals possession. It contains all pertinent information for the projectionist with areas for him to fill in also, and that information gets passed on to the next venue.

At the end of the run, when the film or video is prepared for shipping, a copy of this report is included in with the print and the filmmaker has a record of the condition of his print, along with its screening history.

If there are sound or aspect ratio questions, or questions such as to where a fade should be cut at the end of a reel, for example (if the print is to be mounted on a film transport system), our crew will be in touch with the filmmaker to ensure that everything is to his approval. If, for some reason, we are unable to reach the filmmaker in such cases, our projectionists will be notified and will try and contact him through proper channels if he is attending the screening. Our booths are always open to the interested filmmaker, ensuring his comfort in the handling and projecting of his print.